Castor Lingua
Understanding the World


At Castor Lingua we have three types of courses. Besides that we also offer lessons especially created for children and teenagers. The three courses we have are: 

  • Group course

If you decide to participate in one of our group courses, you will learn a language in a group of maximum 12 students. At the moment we just offer a group course for student who decide to learn Dutch. 

  • Private course

Is it hard to plan group lessons into your busy schedule or do you want to learn more intensively. Then the private course is your best option. Furthermore if you choose for a private course, you can also define your own learning goals, choose topics that are interesting for you, learn at your own speed and choose your own time and location. 

  • Crash course

If you want to learn the basics of a language very quickly, then the crash course is the best option for you. You will have 20 till 40 lesson hours in one week and learn the language day by day. The advantages of this course are the same as with a private course, but the crash course will be more intensive. Warning: this course won't be easy!

Courses for Children

At Castor Lingua we also offer language teaching for children. If your child is going to a Dutch school, it is important to know the language. Not only because the children need to understand the teaching, but also to have play dates. If you want your child to have extra lessons in the Dutch language or if your child needs extra help with the primary school curriculum in the Netherlands, we can help you.