Castor Lingua
Understanding the World

Welcome at Castor Lingua

At Castor Lingua we believe that understanding is more important than speaking a language perfectly. That is why we developed the Castor Lingua Philosophy, which is based on three pillars. 



At Castor Lingua we believe that communication is about understanding each other. 


Often it is hard to motivate yourself to learn a language. We know that. That is why fun is important during our lessons. 


We believe that learning a language is mostly done by doing a language. For us speaking, writing, reading and listening are the 4 pillars of communication. 

Why should you choose Castor Lingua?
At Castor Lingua you just don't only learn a language, you exactly want to get to know the language more and more. That is because we work with friendly teachers, who use language teaching material tailored to your interests. During our lessons, language has to be learned, but we make sure that at the end of each lesson, you will be motivated to learn more and more. 

  • small groups 
  • 15 minutes by tram from Central Station
  • Enthusiastic teachers


At Castorlingua it is possible to pay with Euros, but we are also very proud to have the possibility to pay with Cryptocurrencies.